Electric Hospital Beds
There is a wide range of Electric Hospital Beds offered by us that is very easy to place and is easy to operate. The beds are adjustable beds that offer recovering patients to control the bed position while lying on it.
Hospital Beds
The Hospital Beds are designed so that you can provide a loved one with top-quality care. The beds include features which can accommodate a patient’s specific needs. They are very easy to place in the needed locations as per the need.
Hospital Bed Mattresses
We are offering here the high quality Hospital Bed mattresses that are very different from the mattresses used at home. There are many types of hospital Mattresses offered by us to choose best one based on the specific needs of patients.
Hospital Bedside Locker
The Hospital Bedside Locker offered by us is made in a number of types and sizes depending on the need of the customers. The offered locker supports in the well-being of patients and maintains sound environment in the hospital.
Obstetric Labour Tables
There are various types of Obstetric Labour Tables that are offered by us for use in the various hospitals and medical institutions. The tables are designed to ease the trauma of birth by providing comfort and support throughout the stages of delivery.
Examination Couch
The offered Examination Couch is very comfortable and made for being used in clinics, health care institutions and hospitals as per the need. They help in making the examination easy and more convenient. It is available in various sizes.
Hospital Stretchers
We are offering here the various types of Hospitals Stretchers that are very efficient and easy to use. They perform hassle-free in varied medical settings, such as hospitals, clinics, and surgical centers. They are available in various sizes.
Manipulation Treatment Table
The Manipulation Treatment Table is very useful and is made for use in the hospitals and medical institutions. The Table can be utilized for range of motion (ROM) therapy, manual manipulation treatment, and manual muscle testing.
Hospital Trolleys
Hospital Trolleys are available by us for use in the various commercial and medical places. The trolleys have a great importance as they are used in various purposes of hospital activities like porting of medical equipment.

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